Navigating Life with Faith, Family, and Type 1 Diabetes

A Glimpse into My World

Summarizing my life into a few paragraphs can be a challenge, but at my core, I am a child of faith, a Christian who finds strength and purpose in Jesus Christ. Hebrews 10:14 serves as a constant reminder that God sees me through Christ’s death and resurrection, and it is this grace and assurance of salvation that defines who I am. As a daughter of the King, my faith is the bedrock of my identity.

But beyond that, I am a mother to three incredible boys, each with their unique stories of how they entered this world, their medical histories, and the remarkable individuals they are becoming. My journey as a mom is marked by love, growth, and the joy of seeing my children thrive. I am also a devoted wife, sharing life’s adventures with my husband, Ben.

Professionally, I co-own Benandjacq Inc., a business dedicated to building, maintaining, and hosting WordPress websites. It’s a dynamic venture that keeps me engaged and fulfilled.

In 2017, life took an unexpected turn when I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at the age of 35. While it’s less common to develop juvenile diabetes as an adult, my diagnosis was described as Type 1.5 due to the unique circumstances. Since then, I’ve been navigating the intricate terrain of life as a Type 1 diabetic. It’s been a journey filled with frustrations, tears, and the celebration of small victories.

This is my platform to share my experiences, both the challenges and triumphs, in the hope of offering support and guidance to others facing similar paths. It serves as a space for me to vent, to reflect on my diabetic journey, and to provide encouragement to those who may be navigating their own health challenges.

I invite you to explore this blog and join me on this journey of faith, family, and the unwavering determination to thrive in the face of life’s unexpected twists and turns. Thank you for sharing in my story.

Sign that says "God is faithful"

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