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Edgepark: A Frustrating Experience

Do not use Edgepark

Edgepark is the last company I’d recommend for anyone dealing with diabetes. In 2017, when I was diagnosed with T1 Diabetes, I was advised to use Edgepark. It seemed like everyone in the diabetic community was singing their praises. However, my experience with them was nothing short of a nightmare.

Ordering from Edgepark was like navigating a maze with no exit. Their customer service was abysmal, and it felt like no one could help me. My prescription got stuck in limbo for over a month, even though my doctor sent them everything they needed. It was a never-ending cycle of frustration.

Eventually, I had enough and canceled my order. I found solace in Edwards Health Care – another DME (Durable Medical Equipment) supplier. They were a breath of fresh air compared to Edgepark.

Fast forward four years…

I moved to a different state, changed doctors, and switched insurance policies twice. Edwards Health Care couldn’t supply DME in my new area, and I had to stop using the Dexcom CGM due to the high cost. I resorted to getting all my diabetic supplies from a local pharmacy. Though the system I switched to “worked” over the course of a year my A1C rose to 7.9. Not the best solution.

Then I switched to the OmniPod 5 system, which meant I needed the Dexcom CGM once more. My local pharmacy didn’t handle this DME, so my doctor directed me back to Edgepark. I wonder, why doctors default to Edgepark

So, almost five years after my first disastrous encounter with Edgepark, I decided to give them another shot.

Spoiler alert: I still despise Edgepark.

Reasons they couldn’t fill my prescription

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“Your doctor hasn’t responded to our request yet.” – You sent it to the wrong doctor, despite my multiple requests to remove them from my account.

“We sent it to the wrong doctor again.” – Seriously?

“We have the prescription but now we need the doctor’s notes.” – Why didn’t you ask for that along with the prescription in the first place?

“The date on the prescription is a little hard to read, and we still need the doctor’s notes.” – Ugh.

“We need doctor’s notes.” – They’ve been sent multiple times.

“We still need doctor’s notes.” – We’ve been at this for six weeks now. Please cancel my order.

The final straw came during this conversation:

Edgepark Rep: “We have everything except the number of times you manually check your sugar each day.”

Me: “Have you already asked the doctor for that?”

Edgepark Rep: “We just sent that request over. While I have you on the phone, how many times do you check your sugar manually?”

Me: “If I tell you and the doctor has a different number, will that hold up this prescription?”

Edgepark Rep: “Yes, the numbers have to match.”

Me: “Well, I’m going to pretend we never had this conversation.”

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At this point, I had two options: keep waiting on Edgepark or find a new DME supplier who is in-network with my insurance. I was four days away from running out of supplies, so I called Walgreens Community Pharmacy, paid the cash price of $270, and it arrived the next day.

This experience reminded me of why I used to love Edwards Health Care. I looked them up once more, and guess what? They could ship to me now!! So, I restarted my journey with Edwards Health Care, and they had no problem filling my prescription and shipping it to my house every month. It was like a breath of fresh air compared to my never-ending ordeal with Edgepark. Within 6 months my A1C was back down to 5.9!!

Hello EHCS

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