3D print of Sweetly Diabetic logo

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My Husband’s Role in This Diabetes Journey

I would like to brag on my husband just a little bit here. He has been an incredible source of strength, knowledge, and love throughout my diabetes journey.

In my family, diabetes was an unfamiliar topic, but Ben’s brother was also diagnosed as a young adult. His background knowledge has proven to be invaluable, and I am profoundly appreciative of his sensitivity and awareness in navigating the challenges of diabetes.

Even if he didn’t have a family member with diabetes, I am confident that he would have dedicated substantial time to understanding and learning about T1 diabetes and treatment options. He did his research and supported me through insurance hurdles to finding medical supplies and insulin. His wealth of ideas and suggestions, while initially overwhelming, demonstrated that he wanted to help me along the way.

Recently, I’ve come to realize the depth of my reliance on him when we venture out. Ben not only comprehends the intricacies of managing blood sugars but also eases my social anxieties with his reassuring presence.

My Christmas Surprise

For Christmas, Ben surprised me with a heartfelt gift—a 3D print of my Sweetly Diabetic logo, skillfully crafted by his friend, Jason Bahl. Check out his shop Coal Mine Crafts. This unique memento serves as a reminder of my unexpected foray into blogging, a venture I’ve undertaken with his consistent and unwavering encouragement. His commitment goes beyond mere emotional support; he actively engages by reading and providing constructive feedback on every one of my blog posts before publication.

3D print of Sweetly Diabetic logo

I am grateful for a husband who not only understands the challenges of diabetes but actively seeks solutions and supports me in every aspect of life. Whether it’s facing the complexities of the disease or pursuing unexpected passions like blogging, Ben has been my steadfast companion, making this journey more manageable and full of love. I am fortunate to have him by my side, and I look forward to continuing this adventure hand in hand.

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